Mines and quarries are set to boom in the New Year when a host of building and construction projects which have been delayed due to Covid-19 get under way.

Even as a resurgence of the pandemic is being experienced in parts of the country, construction indexes and a host of Covid relief infrastructure projects suggests that the construction industry is going to steam forward regardless of uncertainties.

“The fact that many construction companies are closing later and opening as soon as 4 January 2021 suggests that there is a lot of work out there and that these companies are catching-up on lost time. As a result, the requirement for sand, stone, natural stones, clay bricks and all manner of mined commodities will be in high demand,” said Nico Pienaar, director of surface mining industry association, ASPASA.

He suggested that contractors who have projects starting early in the year speak to their material suppliers and arrange stock to be available, as not all mining operations have ramped up to the extent that they can meet high demands.

“Early orders will give building material producers time to prepare or even stockpile materials for delivery early next year which may not be the case if they are unaware of projects in their area. After a tough year some mines may even be tempted to close early and enjoy a long break while being blissfully unaware of future requirements. As a result, our advice is to rather make early arrangements to avoid disappointment,” concluded Pienaar.

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