The Tshiamiso Trust has noted with concern a new surge of fraudulent activity by individuals claiming that they are able to assist prospective claimants of silicosis and tuberculosis benefits.

The Tshiamiso Trust has been established to carry out the terms of the settlement agreement reached between six mining companies and claimant attorneys in the historic silicosis and TB class action.

The Trust is responsible for ensuring that all eligible current and former mineworkers across southern Africa with silicosis or work-related TB (or their dependants where the mineworker has passed away) are compensated.

The fraudsters are demanding a fee in exchange for their services. The Trust emphasises that anyone asking for money to assist in making claims from Tshiamiso is a criminal activity. No representative of Tshiamiso will ever ask for a payment from a claimant to assist them. In addition, the Trust has urged the public to report such activities to the South African Police Service (SAPS).

Incidents of this nature have been identified in the Free State province and in Lesotho. However, in the past they have also occured in the Eastern Cape as well.

Tshiamiso calls on prospective claimants to beware of these activities, and invites NGOs, communities, media organisations and other groups to spread this warning as widely as possible where current and former gold mine workers are found.

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