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In this weeks installment:

Prospective claimants warned against fraudsters

The Tshiamiso Trust has noted with concern a new surge of fraudulent activity by individuals claiming that they are able to assist prospective claimants of silicosis and tuberculosis benefits.

The fraudsters are demanding a fee in exchange for their assistance. The Trust released a statement explaining that no representative of Tshiamiso will ever ask for a payment from a claimant to assist them. The Trust has also urged the public to report suspected fraudulent activities to SAPS.

Surface miners adapt to the new norm

Surface mining industry association, ASPASA, is embracing the new normal brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic as it develops new strategies to serve its members and the larger mining community.

Putting coal ash to good use

The South African Coal Ash Association (SACAA) has called for private and public sectors to explore ways of incorporating coal ash into their everyday supply chains.

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