This issue of Inside Mining is about diversity and the power of inclusion. I intended to draw from as many voices as I could because the core value of diversity is inclusion.

By Olebogeng Sentsho

While preparing for the compilation of this foreword, I announced on LinkedIn that I would be taking contributions from anyone who had a burning issue to ventilate. Immediately, I was inundated with passionate appeals to highlight the agenda of the women in the mining industry for the year 2021. The response was overwhelming and so genuine.

I realised that as much as women have a transformation agenda in the sector, we have so many other pressing issues that need to be addressed, thereby serving as the infrastructure for that transformation. Inclusivity and leadership development are the key drivers of transformation. To effect the changes we want, we must cultivate leaders that can lead that renewal.

This article was first published in Inside Mining’s Diversity in Mining issue.

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