Moshe Capital Fund Managers is actively seeking to invest R350-million into diverse companies with a solid presence in their sectors.

The firm has secured a funding commitment from FNB Commercial and has entered into a partnership agreement with RMB Ventures, both divisions of FirstRand Limited.

“Despite economic challenges, there are several opportunities for investment and growth in various sectors such as manufacturing, industrial, mining products or services and secondary agriculture in South Africa. We predominantly invest in established businesses with enterprise values of R200 million or more,” said Mametja Moshe, founder and CEO of Moshe Capital. She added that the calibre of funders makes it possible to increase available funding should a detailed assessment process reveal compelling prospects.

Moshe Capital Fund Managers seeks investment opportunities
Mametja Moshe is the founder and CEO of Moshe Capital. Credit: Moshe Capital

Moshe Capital is a wholly owned subsidiary of Moshe Capital and is 100% black women-owned. Moshe Capital currently has four investments across various sectors. Named by ABSIP as corporate finance team of the year in 2019, Moshe Capital’s investment approach seeks established businesses based primarily in South Africa, but with the potential to grow into sub-Saharan Africa and internationally. “When considering investments, we look for a track record of at least three years of consistent returns and EBITDA of above R25 million,” explained Moshe.

Investment participation

The degree of active involvement in each investment differs depending on the potential and requirements of each business. Moshe Capital is sector agnostic and is looking to enter into long-term partnerships. “We believe in entrepreneurship by partnership. We are keen on businesses that provide returns on investments of more than 25% over five years or more. We fully appreciate that Covid-19 has had a negative impact on the valuation of most companies, and will take that into account when evaluating opportunities,” she says.

In addition to funding, Moshe says that private equity partners add significant value in other areas. These include serving as sounding boards for business strategy, assisting with further expansion or additional liquidity, and navigating difficult economic realities like those brought about by Covid-19. “We’ve worked closely with our existing partners over the past year to recapitalise balance sheets, improve the robustness of cashflows and even pivot businesses into new areas,” says Moshe.

Moshe Capital prefers to invest in qualifying businesses with a commitment to job creation, economic empowerment and with social and environmental impact. Given that businesses need to be established with a proven track record, Moshe is not looking to invest in start-up and green fields businesses, or business rescue and turnaround cases.

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