Transformation, gender equality and diversity are the keys to unlocking long-term mining sector growth, writes Bukiwe Pantshi.

At Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking, our many decades of experience in the local and global mining and resources finance sectors have shown us that there are five fundamental cornerstones required for any mine to achieve sustainable growth over time.

While the vast majority of mines have an appreciation of the first success components in the above list, the human resources element often receives less than its fair share of attention or prioritisation. It is ironic, because highly functional and effective people are arguably the most important support pillar that any mine can have.

The simple truth is that to achieve sustainable and inclusive long-term growth, it is imperative that the human resources component of a mining operation is inclusive, diverse and transformed. In order to succeed, mines must be fully representative of the society in which they operate. And in this country, that society comprises 51% women. Unfortunately, female representation in most mines in South Africa still falls woefully short of this figure.

This article was first published in Inside Mining’s Diversity in Mining issue.

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