Explosives audits can now be carried out online following ASPASA’s launch of an innovative and non-intrusive online explosives audit.

The launch is part of ongoing attempts by ASPASA to increase the safety and effectiveness of blasting operations on member mines.

Over the past three years it has become apparent that compliance on operations procedures is acceptable, however the legal and technical aspects of the risk assessments, procedures and CIE System information is not always accurate nor correct.

According to ASPASA explosives specialist and auditor, Corrie Rautenbach, any shortcomings on those areas may expose the operation in the event of an explosives accident or incident occurring. The introduction of online audits reduces the time taken to undertake the audits and reduces physical contact during Covid-19 times.

The surface mining industry association can assist operations to audit, review and update these administrative requirements online, including:

  • Review of CIE system information (legal appointments, licences, permits, approvals and exemptions etc.)
  • Review operational risk assessments
  • Review of operational procedures
  • A Microsoft Teams feedback session with the operation
  • An audit report will cover the CIE system update, comments and recommendations regarding the risk assessment and procedure.

Costs of the audits have been massively discounted in order to ensure the best possible uptake and to ensure mines still enjoy full compliance during Covid-19 restrictions.

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