Eastern Africa Mining and Energy Conference (EAMEC) Kenya is East Africa’s largest and only international and local mining and energy forum.

“As a government we are alive and cognisant that the extractive industry is economically important to the Eastern Africa region. It provides employment, dividends, and taxes that help governments deliver services to its citizen on one hand and offers returns to investors,” commented John Munyes, Cabinet Secretary for Petroleum and Mining.

The conference is designed to converge key players in the mining, oil and gas sectors for focused dialogue exploring the immense opportunities held by East Africa’s extractives and energy sector. Taking place on 12-14 October 2021, the event is endorsed and supported by the Kenya’s Ministry of Petroleum and Mining. The conference also provides a good opportunity for the public and private sector in the extractives and energy sectors to network and discuss any interventions aimed at growing and strengthening the sectors.

“Realizing the economic benefits and wealth generated by mining for many producing countries, we have initiated appropriate legal framework that are supportive to the communities and citizens and also the investors. The reforms and status updates shall be presented during the conference,” Munyes added.

Kenya Mining Forum success

Building on the success of the Kenya Mining Forum that has been hosted by Kenya Chamber of Mines (KCM) for the last eight years, the conference sessions will include plenary and carefully selected break-out sessions that will centre on the principal issues facing the East Africa’s extractive sector today and in the future. “Industry leaders in particular, will take a closer look at the evolution and direction of the market and balance views on the ever- critical traditional and new policies and legislation, infrastructure plans and technology maximization,” said Moses Njeru CEO of KCM conveyed.

The importance of the extractive industry in the region calls for more attention to be given to the social, economic and political dimensions of the sector. Referring to a February circular, President Uhuru Kenyatta mentioned that to promote the sustainable development of the extractives sector, the State Department for Mining had merged with the State Department for Petroleum; and has been re-established as a single State Department within the Ministry of Petroleum & Mining. EAMEC provides a conducive platform for players in the sector to deliberate on how best to explore and exploit the extractives potential in a sustainable manner for the mutual benefit of the region and the investors.

The conference will be conducted virtually and face-to-face observing Ministry of Health and WHO COVID-19 protocols.

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