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In this weeks installment:

DMRE urges mines to adhere to Covid-19 guidelines
The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) has called on the mining industry to enforce the 2020 mandatory guidelines on the mitigation and management of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Maximum adherence to these guidelines and the Mine Health and Safety Act ought to always be prioritised by all stakeholders involved in the sector.  

Khoemacau Copper’s first concentrate production
Th,e Khoemacau Copper Silver Project recently produced its first copper silver concentrate from the Boseto processing plant in Botswana.

This milestone was achieved safely, within schedule and the overall project remains within 3% of the original budget. The first shipment of concentrate is scheduled for July 2021.

Ground-breaking diamond-tracing technology

ALROSA has introduced a ground-breaking diamond-tracing technology using non-invasive laser marking.

Unlike traditional laser engraving, this laser marking cannot be destroyed or polished off. It distinguishes ALROSA’s diamonds from other ones, including lab-grown, and allows them to be uniquely identified, providing detailed information about the diamonds’ origins.

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