Unitrans Supply Chain Solutions, a 60% black-owned South African company, has been at the forefront of the road freight industry for more than half a century.

The Mining Division within Unitrans strives to be the safest and most innovative operator in the industry and has a proud track record that proves this. In addition to significant payload increases in its transportation methodology, this translates into decreased rates per tonne, as well as reduced environmental impact and carbon emissions.

With 16 road trains serving South Africa, a new concept introduced in 1984 made remarkable improvements to Unitrans’ offering. “Initially, we added a dolly to a bottom dump interlink trailer combination in 1989, which increased the payload from 34 tonnes to 45 tonnes,” says Kobus Burger, operations executive: Mining Division.

The idea was based on the need to reduce the number of trucks on the road. “By increasing payload capacity, we have been able to decrease the size of our fleet. This has reduced the on-road risk and the number of trips – we were using dirt roads and travelling in the rural areas surrounding the mines at the time.”

This article was first published in Inside Mining’s Resourceful Mining issue.

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