Kropz Plc announced that an appeal by the West Coast Environmental Protection Association (WCEPA) against the Integrated Water Use Licence (iWUL) for Kropz’s Elandsfontein Project has been dismissed by the Water Tribunal.

“While we await the Water Tribunal’s reasons for its dismissal of the appeal by WCEPA, we are enormously encouraged by what this outcome means, not only for our company, but for the many stakeholders in the community around our Elandsfontein Project,” said Kropz CEO Mark Summers.

He explained that from the outset, Kropz has been focused on managing the potential impacts of its planned phosphate mining operation on water resources, the nearby Langebaan Lagoon, and the environment as a whole. “We are enormously proud that, in a world first, we engineered a solution that, quite simply, takes ground water around our mining operation, and re-introduces it, untouched, back into the environment.”

Kropz further added that the results of extensive groundwater monitoring have been shared on a regular basis, for more than four years now, with a committee representative of organs of state, farmers’ associations and NGOs, including WCEPA. These show that the impact of our operations is zero.

“The way is now clear for us to expedite production at Elandsfontein; creating desperately needed job opportunities for the local community; paying taxes and royalties; and rewarding investors, local and international, who have supported us through this extended challenge of scientific evidence against human emotion,” he concluded.

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