DRDGOLD’s Environmental Manager, Louis Kleynhans, has received a Golden Award for Lifetime Contributions to the Cause for Clean Air from the Council of the National Association for Clean Air (NACA).

Kleynhans (65), a qualified horticulturalist, has worked for DRDGOLD for some 37 years, 27 of these in his present role. He received the NACA award in recognition of his leadership role in addressing dust challenges at DRDGOLD’s active mine tailings reclamation sites, cleared sites and tailings storage facilities (TSFs).

Commenting on the award, Kleynhans said, “It is a great honour and I am grateful for the personal recognition, but I have to pay tribute to DRDGOLD for its consistent support over the years, often in the face of external criticism, and for the backing of my team, comprising both fellow employees and contractors.”

He has led the development of cost-effective procedures for the establishment and maintenance of indigenous vegetation on active reclamation sites, cleared sites and TSFs to reduce dust and improve air quality for surrounding communities.

DRDGOLD Chief Executive Officer Niël Pretorius, said, “Besides bringing his knowledge and experience to DRDGOLD’s vegetation programme over many years, Louis has taken a keen interest in onboarding and mentoring community start-up companies to establish and run nurseries, and to vegetate and help us manage the vegetation of our many sites, thus creating much-needed new skillsets and jobs.

“His work often brings him into contact with our surrounding communities, not always in easy circumstances, and his calm, ‘can-do’ approach with people is invaluable,” Pretorius concluded.

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