Micro Focus Channel is sponsoring a webcast series discussing all things related to internet safety. This series will take place over six weeks and touch on important issues such as cybercrime, data privacy, security and lots more.

Advances in technology and the global Covid-19 pandemic have rapidly increased the need for remote working across various industries including the mining industry.

BOATech CEO Boas Chauke, kicks off the series in this first episode where he speaks about his company and views on security as a discipline.

“…you can’t have data privacy without security”. While data privacy is all about the lawful collection, control, retention and use of data, data protection will ensure that the data is safeguarded from exposure and seemingly unavoidable breaches.

This episode of In conversation with… dives into the details of what data protection an executive should have in place, explained by Boas Chauke, CEO of BOATech, a Micro Focus partner. This involves how to conduct an effective inventory of their data; why understanding what they have and where, as well as the reason (purpose) they are keeping the sensitive data is important; and how to take appropriate actions to safeguard and protect sensitive content.

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