In this, the 3rd Episode of “In conversation with….” sponsored by Micro Focus Channel, Boas Chauke, CEO of BOATech, unpacks the components that make up a security strategy.

According to cybersecurity specialist Eric Popiel: “A layered cybersecurity strategy means that if an attack gets past one solution, another will be able to pick up the slack as a failsafe. Defending against bad actors requires various layers of security controls and detection techniques to identify potential threats. To do this, SecOps teams need a variety of tools and techniques to process and correlate the enormous amount of historical and real-time security data that they ingest every day.”

RiskIQ predicted that, by 2021, cybercrime will cost the world $11.4 million every minute. In this episode Chauke takes the hard questions that we often don’t ask ourselves about the strategy to keep the company safe from cyber-attacks. What is the strategy? How do you effectively build this? Can an organisation ‘over do’ security? And what are the consequences of over securing? Where does change management & incident management fit in to a security model and other tough questions that help to unlock the thinking around an effective, efficient Security Strategy.

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