In a significant boost to the South African economy, 2000 MW of power received the go-ahead following a ruling by the independent courts on Sunday 30 January 2022.

Included in this are three Karpowership SA projects in Saldanha, Coega and Richards Bay, which will provide 1220 MW of electricity directly to the power grid. Unlike land-based power plants which can take years to build because of construction delays, Karpowership’s floating power plants, Powerships, can deploy to South Africa immediately upon approvals and provide power to South Africa within one year of financial close. This will help eliminate one entire stage of load shedding, bring cleaner energy to millions of people within a year, and save the South African economy billions of Rand in the medium to long-term.

Each of the three Karpowership SA projects will run on Liquefied Natural Gas [LNG], a safe and reliable option for South Africa. LNG is the cleanest viable fuel source best able to provide the much-needed long term, stable electricity that will enable economic development across South Africa. LNG is a vital ingredient in helping South Africa solve its load shedding crisis at the same time as being recognized as the best bedrock to enable a greater proportion of renewable energy to be inserted into the energy mix.

The independent court ruling represents a significant milestone for Karpowership SA and the other preferred bidders by removing a hurdle needed to allow power projects to move forward and provide relief to load shedding that has been crippling the national economy.

In response to the independent court ruling Karpowership SA issued the following statement:

“Karpowership SA and the RMIPPPP process has been convincingly vindicated by the ruling of the independent Court. We have always maintained that allegations made by DNG were a matter for the Courts and we have unwaveringly expressed our confidence in the Legal System of the Republic of South Africa to come to a fair and just ruling.

We are delighted that we can now focus our efforts on the very real and urgent matter at hand: keeping the lights on for South Africa.”

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