One thing the recent pandemic has taught us all is that there is a direct correlation between health matters, productivity and economic growth.

The more laborious the task, the greater the need to pay attention to health care. Mining in South Africa is still very labour intensive and strenuous. Healthcare should be at the top of your agenda to improve productivity. A healthy, happy workforce leads to a healthy bottom line and that win-win is the goal for HealthCare providers in the mining industry. Phakamisa Healthy Living is one such partner that has achieved this balance for mines for the last two decades. In 2002 a group of medical doctors developed cost-effective South African high-quality multivitamins for the mining industry. The brand is well known in many mines across the country. Today, they are also in all the leading pharmacies and outlets across the country. Their proven approach of a healthy breakfast to kick start the day and daily multivitamins have made them extremely popular for many years now.

South Africa’s mining industry still relies heavily on hard physical labour. Some of the environments mining employees are exposed to can be very harsh and physically demanding. We know that South Africa is home to some of the world’s deepest underground mines, and the environment is hot and humid. The conditions are physically demanding and the fatigue compromises one’s immune system. This is where Phakamisa stepped in, and when they did, mines saw a marked improvement in mine workers’ health.

A handbook on occupational health practice in the South African mining industry, published by the Safety in Mines Research Advisory Committee (SIMRAC), states that for mine employees, maintaining ‘optimum performance and sustained productivity is a daily challenge in which both physical and mental recovery must be compressed into the time available between consecutive shifts’. In a Covid-19 environment, optimum health is even more important.

A healthy workforce is key to the bottom line
Phakamisa Healthy Living’s range of multivitamins, minerals and meals

Phakamisa to the rescue

At the heart of the Phakamisa Healthy Living solution is specific high-grade nutritional products that assist mine employees in maintaining their energy levels. The energy-rich meals are ready to consume, tasty and easy to prepare. Mineworkers have given their input and feedback on the product’s performance and taste. Although Phakamisa’s range of high-quality nutritional products is manufactured specifically for the mining industry, many across industries have demanded the same great-tasting and nutritious meals. They can be found in many retail outlets. The full range of products includes multi-vitamins, mineral tablets and mid-shift meals. A report titled Nutrition and occupational health and safety in the South African mining industry found that mid-shift snacks are beneficial as they increase productivity and reduce loss in production.

For the last two decades, Phakamisa products have been tried and tested in the mining industry and the results speak for themselves.  

According to Frank Sullivan, Phakamisa director, the company’s nutritional products are cost-efficient and have ample nutrients that boost the immune system and increase productivity. He highlights that a workforce with a strong immune system is less likely to be absent from work due to viral diseases such as flu. Now more than ever, it is strategically smart to boost the immune systems of all employees.

At a cost of less than R20 per worker per month for quality multivitamin and mineral tablets – it’s a clear win-win for the mine. Throw in breakfast and shift meals for good measure and investment in employees is not only great for all workers but also for the company’s bottom line.

Going the extra mile

In addition to supplying nutritional products, Phakamisa is growing its involvement in mining communities. The company is establishing a wellness centre in Rustenburg. Sullivan says, “The wellness centre’s main aim is to offer basic medical services and equip mine employees, their families, and the community with the necessary knowledge to lead an even healthier lifestyle.” Phakamisa also addresses other community challenges such as hunger and malnutrition and has donated to NGOs’ including the current disaster relief program in KZN.

For your mine’s trial offer of Phakamisa multivitamins, minerals and meals, contact Carel Nel who can be reached on +27 (0) 83 342 4146 or by email at

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