Ten illegal miners rescued from shaft in Brakpan

Ten illegal miners have been rescued from a shaft near the Manhattan mine in Brakpan on Gauteng’s East Rand. Four others are believed to have died underground. The group says they became trapped inside the mine after they were attacked and...

Marikana funding case dismissed

Miners who were injured and arrested during the Marikana Massacre have vowed not to return to the commission, that is until the state agrees to cover their legal costs. The North Gauteng High Court has dismissed an urgent application filed by...

Mining in SA debated in London

Many of the world’s major mining figures have gathered in London to discuss how better to distribute profits from the commodities boom. South African issues have been high on the agenda after last year’s deadly strikes in the North West...

South Africa miners turn to illegal gold panning

South Africa’s mining industry was once a beacon of hope for many in a country with high unemployment.But now dozens of contract workers, who lost their jobs after a series of recent strikes, have turned to illegal gold panning.

Chinese mining firm builds town in Peru

Foreign mining companies are increasingly drawn to Peru for its rich minerals. A Chinese mining company, which plans to exploit a copper mine in Morococha, is building a nearby town to house locals from the poor mining town. But the firm Chinalco...

Amplats miners face ruin

Anglo American Platinum is set to sell its Union mine in Rustenburg, and shut down four additional shafts at mines in the North West town. At least 14,000 mineworkers will probably lose their jobs.